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Mr and Mrs Rajbhar from Mumbai became proud parents of a baby boy today after 16 years of marriage . Mrs Rajbhar was the case of unexplained infertility with large fibroids in her uterus. Myomectomy or removal of fibroids, especially if larger than 4cm or encroaching on the cavity of the uterus should be done before IVF for better success

7.7.17 greeted us beautifully.

Mr and Mrs Govindsingh Chundawat became proud parents of triplets today i.e. 7.7.17. at 07.07 AM isn't that wonderful. They had two boys and a girl .. after 24 years of marriage. Even though Mrs. Santosh is 42, she had a healthy pregnancy carrying on till the ninth month and all the babies are fit and healthy. She was a case of recurrent IVF failure and conceived with us in the first attempt. #7.7.17 #7.07am #Team21stCentury #IVFisnotataboo #IVF

Mr and Mrs Jain became proud parents of twins today

Mr and Mrs Jain became proud parents of twins today, after 12 years... a boy and a girl. Their entire family is overjoyed. Inspite of many medical conditions, the pregnancy was without any complications and both the babies are healthy. The best part was her positive attitude and her faith in us, we are extremely happy to see her through go through this happy and healthy #ivf #team21stcentury #IVFisnotataboo