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All these impossible miraculous cases has left us with a self-belief that if patients persist with treatment eventually pregnancy will result. One should never, never, never give up.

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Dr. Purnima Nadkarni was born in Mumbai in a middle-class family. Father Mr. Vasantkumar Heranjal was a bank clerk. 4 children, only one boy hence childhood went with boy preference environment.


It is the dream of most couples to have their own children as part of their relationship. In India, 1 in 6 couples will have problems conceiving. Our aim is to reduce the stress and hassle associated with infertility investigations and treatment, by offering a one-stop diagnostic and treatment service for infertile couples.


Director of 3 multispeciality 50 bedded hospitals called Nadkarni Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center, Killa Pardi, 21stCentury Hospital Pvt. Ltd-Vapi & 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center-Surat. And Many More

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